The Reloadable Coupon Card is of credit card size, shape and format, complete with a magstripe on its rear wall.  This magstripe can store information that identifies a particular consumer, and the front wall of the Reloadable Coupon Card can display a visible account number.

A user can visit the secured website of the Reloadable Coupon Card to learn of different coupons and similar offers, and then enter his or her account number for affiliating identification with coupons of choice.   When he or she next visits the grocery store – or drug store or department store or any other coupon-redeeming retailer – this consumer can simply swipe the Reloadable Coupon Card through a card reader.  Each of the selected coupons that have previously been stored upon the card can then be attributed to that particular sale.

With just a swipe of the Reloadable Coupon Card, all the desired coupons can be redeemed on the spot.  There is no need to print coupons, no need to clip coupons, no need to store coupons, no need to hunt for coupons – just find the coupons of choice online, have those coupons of choice attributed to your individual card, then use the Reloadable Coupon Card while checking out.  There are no printing costs.  There are no distribution costs.  There’s nothing but savings and larger profits, and for both the consumer and the coupon-issuer, as well. 

The number of consumers using retail coupons has dramatically increased recently, as well as the number of coupons each redeems.  The Internet has dramatically increased as a primary source for these coupons.  The new Reloadable Coupon Card capitalizes on both of these trends of dramatic increase, and which can actually help both coupon issuers and coupon users save money.  Please read on to learn more about the Reloadable Coupon Card which your company is invited to include in its product line under a licensing agreement.