The innovative Transition Window
consists of a film sheet made from a polyvinyl chloride plastisol material.
A photochromic dye of reversible format is included within this sheet
by dispersion.

The Transition Window Tint can simply be applied upon automobile windows with an included adhesive substance, and just as ordinary tinting sheets are applied. And whenever these windows are in the sun, the Transition Window Tint will block that sun, just as ordinary tinting sheets do. But when out of that sunlight, and when the tinting is no longer needed, the Transition Window Tint returns to clear completely
unlike those ordinary tinting sheets. And next time the using vehicle receives sunlight, the windows automatically darken again.

Not only can the new and appealing Transition Window Tint join a very profitable and much-desired product field, but it can appease and even overcome many of the varying state laws about this field, too. Please read on to learn more about this new concept, which your company is invited to include in its product line.