"There are many Benefits of Healthy! Looking good is only a small part of this transformation. If you have improved your lifestyle with the intention of transforming your body, real change can take time. This can be frustrating when you feel as though you're doing everything possible and the weight should just be falling off. But the minute you begin to make healthier choices, your body begins to improve from the inside out. Focus on these instant changes in your body and the way you feel rather than how you look, and your motivation will stay high and keep frustration at bay. The next thing you know, you'll look up and realize that your body is beginning to reflect on the outside the good health you've already attained on the inside!"

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Rimando Kajukenbo Philosophy

At Rimando Kajukenbo, we carry on the traditions and teachings of our founding fathers. The Kajukenbo method stresses physical conditioning, combining speed, power, and accuracy. The physical techniques for preparedness develops confidence in a beginner but as on studies the art in it's deeper aspects, one will discover that self-confidence is just a stepping stone to humility and self-control. Through this increased knowledge the student gains confidence and respect thus banishing fear and avoiding trouble, The standard by which we live is that of humility and self-control and although we do not seek trouble we expect it and are prepared. Speed and alertness with the coordination of mind and body is another contributing factor to longer existence.

To me, a Martial Artist is one who loves themself enough to learn how to protect themselves & the ones they love.


We are Rimando Kajukenbo; Spiritually Strong, Physically Fit, Self Defense Ready, We are Rimando Kajukenbo!!!